"Amazing gospel choir...terrific concert...great sound and clearly believe what they are singing"

"A real tonic, as it just radiated joy in its expression of love for the Lord Jesus.The musical arrangements and rhythmic interpretations were all incredibly uplifting."

"Superb. I was moved to tears, but of joy! Thank you so much."

"Amazing sound, so harmonious and joyful...a real witness to the love of Christ."

"Very professional & uplifting. We thoroughly enjoyed all the singing and were blessed seeing Jesus shining through."

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YCGC will perform inspiring and uplifting songs at your church event, conference, retreat or outreach function. We have designed the following options as a guide. However you may feel free to discuss your individual requirements with us.

Option One - Full Concert with interval
We will provide a concert, which includes a 40 minute first half (approx. 8 songs), an interval of 15 to 20 minutes and a 30 minute second half (approx 6 songs).

Option Two - Full Concert without interval
We will provide a continuous concert of 60 minutes in length (approx. 12 songs).

Option Three - Selected Songs
We will perform 5 to 10 songs as part of your church event, at times chosen by you.

Option Four - Leading Worship
We have experienced worship leaders who will lead your congregation or guests in worship songs.

Cost: Free
Donation: Optional (e.g. £50 or more)
Transport: Up to £80 within a 50 mile radius of York (no charge within a 5 mile radius of York)

We will perform with our own PA system and Keyboard and will normally arrange to view the location prior to the event.

  For more information contact YCGC or submit a booking enquiry.